Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm a procrastinator. I'm in medical school. Unfortunately, these two things don't always go together but I've somehow managed to make it through three years of medical school, procrastination and all. I've decided to start this blog to further feed my procrastination habit. If I'm going to waste my precious study time reading blogs, I might as well contribute to the blogosphere, right? 

So, here it is, my first post. I'm just beginning my 4th and final year of medical school. I have wanted to be an ob/gyn since forever and soon I will be beginning the process if applying for residency.  I love medicine and everything about caring for women. I also love fashion and design. In my free time I'm planning my wedding, meaning, we've been engaged for almost a year and there is no plan. So I guess this blog will be about that - medicine, women's health, fashion, wedding planning and my attempt to balance it all.

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  1. I cant wait to read more! Even though Med school has taken one of my most favorite and loved friends away from me, reading this blog makes me feel close to you!